Kaziranga National Park



Elephant Safari:-

An Elephant Safari in Kaziranga National Park is a wonderful way to explore the profound beauty of the forests while sitting on the back of tusker nine feet above the ground. It is said that tourism of Kaziranga National Park is incomplete without riding the back of a tusker. This safari is considered the special treat to travelers as it gives an opportunity to roam freely in the open grounds. You can imagine the pleasure of jungle ride that is undisturbed by the undisturbed sounds of Jeep.

Kaziranga National Park is known for its highest population of one-horned rhinos, dense forest cover and amazingly the tall elephant grasses. To embark upon an elephant back is the only feasible option to explore the vast diversity of wildlife species of Kaziranga. Elephant safari Kaziranga gives you an opportunity to admire the landscape and herds of animals moving in their natural habitats.

Safari starts everyday in the early morning and continues for one or two hours as it is best enjoyed in the morning. Morning safari takes you through mysterious dry deciduous thick forest, rivers and rugged trails that offer lingering thrill to the adventure seeker. 

Best Zone For Elephant Safari


Western Range-(BEST FOR ELEPHANT SAFARI):-The entry gate to the western zone of the Kaziranga Park is located at the place named Bagori at the Kaziranga. The Bagori tourism office is the starting point of this zone from where tourists can take the ride of Elephant safari and Jeep safari to explore the forest. The western zone is the most preferred tourism zone in Kaziranga for the elephant safari as the landscape of this zone provides the opportunity to get the very close sight of the one-horned Rhino.